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Black, Bold and Beautiful


  • A film by
  • Nadine Valcin
  • 33691 Closed caption available
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"Amazing that a documentary about hair can say so much about politics, race and culture." Toronto Star

Afros, braids or corn-rows--hairstyles have always carried a social message, and few issues cause as many battles between Black parents and their daughters. To "relax" one's hair into straight tresses or to leave it "natural" inevitably raises questions of conformity and rebellion, pride and identity.

Today trend-setting teens proudly reinvent themselves on a daily basis, while career women strive for the right "professional" image, and other women go "natural" as a symbol of comfort in their Blackness. Filmmaker Nadine Valcin meets a range of women as they reveal how their hairstyles relate to their lives and life choices.

Black, Bold and Beautiful celebrates the bonds formed as women attend to each other's hair, while exploring how everyday grooming matters tap into lively debates on the position of Black people within Canada.


42 min 0 s
Jennifer Kawaja
Julia Sereny
Karen King-Chigbo
Jerry McIntosh