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The Sky's the Limit


  • A film by
  • Simon-Christian Vaillancourt
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Meet some hang-gliders from Quebec

From time immemorial, man has yearned to fly. The Sky's the Limit fulfils this dream by spending a few seasons in the world of hang-gliding enthusiasts. Filmed mostly in the majestic setting of Mont Saint-Pierre on the Gaspé Peninsula, this intimate portrait captures the lives of Quebec hang-gliders, who do nothing by halves. After all, lfe is about taking risks. Including thoughts by anthropologist Serge Bouchard, The Sky's the Limit takes a philosophical and poetic look at a unique lifestyle and reflects on how we confront our fears, seek new challenges and live to the fullest. With Patrick Golliot, Daniel Léveillé and Siamak Mardani. In French with English subtitles.


52 min 4 s
Production Year:
Yves Lafontaine
Available in French:
Voler sa vie