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Talespinners Collection 2 - DVD

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Talespinners 2, for ages 5-9, includes seven tales of children who confront challenges with ingenuity and creativity. Each story brings facets of a different cultural community to the screen, through a setting, accent, folk element, tradition, particular food or vocabulary. Young viewers will be captivated by the adventures and determination of the Talespinners¿ children. This collection includes four original tales and three inspired by books. The stories have particular appeal to modern kids growing up in a complicated world.

Asthma Tech

Young Winston has chronic asthma and can¿t participate in all the activities with his classmates. The boy copes through his vivid imagination and with paper and crayons, and on one particularly rainy afternoon his talents and skills save the day.

The Girl Who Hated Books

Books are everywhere in Meena¿s house but she hates to read! When her cat accidentally knocks down a huge stack of them, heroes, heroines and animals come to life and pandemonium reigns. Meena finds a unique solution to get the characters back in the books.

Jaime Lo, small and shy

Jaime Lo, a shy Chinese-Canadian girl, observes the world around her through her drawings. When Jaime's father is sent to Hong Kong for a year-long work assignment, Jaime must use her creativity to cope with his absence. This story offers us a lighthearted glimpse into a common dilemma that many immigrant families face, where one parent must work overseas.

Maq and the Spirit of the Woods

Maq is a Mi'gmaq boy who hopes to impress his grandfather with his new carving. Maq journeys through the woods to find him. Along his path he meets a curious traveller named Mi'gmwesu, and together they share stories, laughter and song. It is only when Maq joins his grandfather that he understands who Mi'gmwesu really is.

"Mind me good now!"

When Tina and Dalby disobey their mama, the consequences are almost tragic. However, Tina¿s resourcefulness and cunning outwit the wicked cacoya and send them running back into their mama¿s forgiving arms.

Oma¿s Quilt

Oma¿s home for half a lifetime is brimming with memories, but on this day, her house stands empty, all the fragments of her life packed neatly into boxes. She is moving to a senior¿s residence where she doesn¿t know anyone. Her granddaughter Emily does something to ease the burden of such a momentous change in all their lives.


Six-year-old Lili misses her grandma, who lives near the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Thanks to a tzaritza, a magic shell, the little girl brings her grandma to the heart of Montreal to make her father a happy man.

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